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BOSS TONE STUDIO incorporates convenient functions; ‘Automatic Downloading of Additional Tones (Live Sets)’, ‘Tone Edit Functions’, and ‘Tone Library Functions’ for these products.


[Important] BOSS TONE STUDIO Installation Problem Fixed

The problem in installing BOSS TONE STUDIO (Windows version) has been fixed.
We apologise for the enormous inconvenience caused by this issue.

[Important] Problem in installing BOSS TONE STUDIO

New install of BOSS TONE STUDIO for Windows is temporarily unavailable.
We apologise for the inconvenience, but please wait until the problem is fixed.

Affected products: GT-1, GT-100 Ver.2, GT-001, ME-80, ME-25, GP-10, SY-300, KATANA-100/212, KATANA-100, KATANA-50, KATANA-HEAD