Tamas Barabas Collection

Bass players can practice different playing techniques in different musical genres through characteristic examples from the legendary bassists. There is an individual drum backing for each track, which can be downloaded separately from the bass line. Guitar players can also enjoy jamming over the bass + drums tracks. Have fun!

Tamas Barabas -- Tamas Barabas was born in 1972, Hungary. TB is a versatile session musician, bassist, pro sound engineer, composer, producer and arranger. He played bass track for several albums representing a broad array of musical genres from pop to jazz. His fabulous bass guitar sound and composition skills crafted the sound of the band Djabe. They have toured around the World, totaling 44 countries and played at the most important jazz/world music festivals. Besides his musical carrier, TB is an acclaimed sound engineer in Hungary. Djabe's 'Sheafs Are Dancing' album is highly-respected by top sound engineers at Abbey Road Studios, where the DVD-Audio disc was authored. He has been a LoopStation fanatic ever since the RC-20 debut in 2001, and continues to blow away the audience again and again with his loops. Awards:Emerton, Band called Tea (1994) / Fonogram, World Music - Djabe (2000) / Emerton, Jazz - Djabe (2001) / Emerton, Jazz - Fusio Group (2006) / Artisjus, Musical Foundation - Bass Artist (2011) Website:www.tamasbarabas.com

1Finger Style (Bass)Bass track of Finger StylePDF
2Finger Style (Drums)Drums track of Finger Style
3Finger Style (Bass + Drums)Bass + Drum track of Finger Style
4Walkin' (Bass)Bass track of Walkin'PDF
5Walkin' (Drums)Drums track of Walkin'
6Walkin' (Bass + Drums)Bass + Drum track of Walkin'
7Rock Shuffle (Bass)Bass track of Rock ShufflePDF
8Rock Shuffle (Drums)Drums track of Rock Shuffle
9Rock Shuffle (Bass + Drums)Bass + Drum track of Rock Shuffle
10Hard Rock (Bass)Bass track of Hard RockPDF
11Hard Rock (Drums)Drums track of Hard Rock
12Hard Rock (Bass + Drums)Bass + Drum track of Hard Rock
13Funk Slap (Bass)Bass track of Funk SlapPDF
14Funk Slap (Drums)Drums track of Funk Slap
15Funk Slap (Bass + Drums)Bass + Drum track of Funk Slap
16Pop Slap (Bass)Bass track of Pop SlapPDF
17Pop Slap (Drums)Drums track of Pop Slap
18Pop Slap (Bass + Drums)Bass + Drum track of Pop Slap
19Marcus Slap (Bass)Bass track of Marcus SlapPDF
20Marcus Slap (Drums)Drums track of Marcus Slap
21Marcus Slap (Bass + Drums)Bass + Drum track of Marcus Slap
22Red Hot (Bass)Bass track of Red HotPDF
23Red Hot (Drums)Drums track of Red Hot
24Red Hot (Bass + Drums)Bass + Drum track of Red Hot

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