Country Gold Guitar by Stuie French

Classic Country tones used by the pro session musicians and performers all over the world. Country Gold Guitar live set uses all the components you would find in the best rigs from the greats. *This live set is created with GT-001. The patches for the other products have the same image as the originals but not exactly the same due to the difference in effects and functions.

Stuie French --- Australian Born Golden Guitar award winner Stuart French is a master of the country/jazz guitar-style. His awesome technique and laid back style has been a star combination. In the last 20 years Stuie has worked with top country artists from Redd Volkaert, Troy Cassar-Daley, Gina Jeffreys, Slim Dusty and Lee Kernaghan to Beccy Cole and more recently Leo Sayer. He's even jammed with the legendary Merle Haggard. While Stuart keeps busy playing sessions and tours, his other musical passion is playing western swing with the legendary Pedal steel guitarist Michel Rose in their band The Feral Swing Katz. Their blend of 40's swing, classic country with a touch of jazz has made a huge impact on the Australian music market. In January 2013 Stuie and his wife Camille won a Golden Guitar Award at Tamworth for "Best Alternative Country Album of the Year" which Stuie produced.

1Classic CountryClean with compression and a short stereo delay, a classic Country Tone.
2Tweed CountryA warm gritty tweed amp running through a 2 x 12" sporting a Dynamic on the cone a touch of compression and delay this is an all-round great lead sound.
3Rhythm CountryA traditional rhythm guitar sound fed through a rotary speaker and the tone pot on a Tele wound back to 50%, a perfect tone for comping along live or in the studio.
4BD2 CountryThis is Classic Tweed running a BOSS BD-2 in front. A BOSS compression completes the mix to offer an out of phase single coil setup on a Strat a more modern country tone.
5Combo CrunchMid gain Combo drive, analog delay with a short time, all through a 4 x 12" speaker Cab
6This is CountryA nice warm clean, with a slap back delay. This is what country sounds like!
7Preamp CountryJust a nice Clean pre, touched with a compression.
8Jazzy CountryCountry sounding clean amp, sounding great through an arch top dressed with humbuckers
9A Country PhasePhaser compliments this clean twin country.
10Trem DeluxeA slightly dirty amp 2x12" spiced up with a touch of tremolo.
*This live set was created with GT-001.
[GT-1 EASY EDIT]The Easy Edit function of GT-1 allows you to enjoy the patches without downloading them, by instantly creating the similar sound.
1Classic Country04 /        01 /        11
2Tweed Country04 /        01 /        04
3Rhythm Country04 /        13 /        17
4BD2 Country06 /        01 /        18
5Combo Crunch06 /        01 /        11
6This is Country03 /        01 /        11
7Preamp Country04 /        01 /        11
8Jazzy Country04 /        01 /        11
9A Country Phase05 /        09 /        11
10Trem Deluxe05 /        08 /        11

To use this live set, please install the BOSS TONE STUDIO application dedicated to your product. Please check the supported product list and download the matching BOSS TONE STUDIO for your product.