Fernando Miyata Collection

Fernando Miyata used his large experience as guitar player to create a fantastic collection of tones for the GT-100. In this collection it is possible to find from excellent clean tones to powerful metal tones. *This live set is created with GT-100. The patches for the other products have the same image as the originals but not exactly the same due to the difference in effects and functions.

Fernando Miyata --- In 2007 he was voted as having the best guitar video on YouTube by Guitar World magazine with more than 14,000,000 views. In 2008 Fernando was one of the finalists in the International Guitar Idol contest in the UK. He was voted as having the best performance by the audience at the London Guitar Show. In the same year he was announced as the newest and best name in the IG&T Guitar Player Festival and was also the most searched guitarist on the 'Truth in Shredding website'.

1Solo Bend DownClassic DRIVE with ACCEL/CTL S-BEND Pedal
2Funk ChorusCLEAN Tone with Chorus and Delay on the ACCEL/CTL Pedal
3Delay V2Fantastic Delay with BPM TAP on the ACCEL/CTL Pedal
4Metal R FIEREXTREME Tone DRIVE with Hard OCTAVE sound
5Funk WahT.WAH and OCTAVE Effect
6Solo OctaveLead DRIVE using the OCTAVE with Delay Effect
7Solo ReverseCool DRIVE Tone. It is excellent for song intros
8Metal 5150Hard DRIVE with FLANGER Effect.
9Rock FlangerClassic DRIVE with FLANGER Effect. Great for Hard Rock
10Electronic BPMTAP Delay and Slicer combination
11Solo Reverse Bend DownIncredible Tone from Reverse Delay and Slow Gear.
12Metal SLDNHI-GAIN DISTORTION perfect for Metal Core
13Pop Chorus PitchCLEAN Tone that adds 12 Strings PITCH SHIFT Effect
14Rock SynthRING MOD and LASER BEAM Effect for Hard riffs.
15Metal RotaryThis Tone is a good option for Blues and Metal styles, because it simulates Leslie amplifier with ROTARY Effect.
16Metal CoreThis Tone offers a modern DRIVE for Metal Styles
17Rock Solo WahPitch Shift Effect with S-BEND
18Hard SertHARMONIST Effect with FEEDBACK on the ACCEL/CTL Pedal
19Acoustic PopThis TONE has two simulations: ACOUSTIC and CRUNCH
20Pop Rock DynamicClassic DRIVE with TUBE amplifier dynamics
21Rock BluesPerfect CRUNCH with Delay Effect
22Metal DelayModern HI-GAIN amplifier with Delay
23Metal Bend DownHard DRIVE with S-BEND on the ACCEL/CTL
24Blues FastNatural OVERDRIVE sound
*This live set was created with GT-100.
[GT-1 EASY EDIT]The Easy Edit function of GT-1 allows you to enjoy the patches without downloading them, by instantly creating the similar sound.
1Solo Bend Down12 /        01 /        20
2Funk Chorus04 /        02 /        20
3Delay V204 /        01 /        12
4Metal R FIER14 /        01 /        19
5Funk Wah04 /        01 /        19
6Solo Octave18 /        01 /        19
7Solo Reverse18 /        01 /        16
8Metal 515014 /        01 /        19
9Rock Flanger14 /        06 /        19
10Electronic BPM12 /        10 /        19
11Solo Reverse Bend Down12 /        01 /        16
12Metal SLDN14 /        01 /        19
13Pop Chorus Pitch04 /        01 /        08
14Rock Synth12 /        01 /        07
15Metal Rotary12 /        14 /        19
16Metal Core15 /        01 /        19
17Rock Solo Wah12 /        01 /        12
18Hard Sert14 /        01 /        12
19Acoustic Pop19 /        02 /        19
20Pop Rock Dynamic04 /        02 /        07
21Rock Blues07 /        01 /        09
22Metal Delay16 /        01 /        09
23Metal Bend Down16 /        01 /        19
24Blues Fast07 /        01 /        19

To use this live set, please install the BOSS TONE STUDIO application dedicated to your product. Please check the supported product list and download the matching BOSS TONE STUDIO for your product.