Soul Collection (Backing)

Loop track collection for Loopers. A Track Set of 10 Soul backing tracks.
1Funky Groove1BPM:98, Key:EPDF
2JB FunkBPM:128, Key:APDF
3JB Funk (Simple)BPM:128, Key:APDF
4Funky Groove2BPM:120, Key:EPDF
5Funky Groove2 (Simple)BPM:120, Key:EPDF
6Funk SwingBPM:104, Key:CPDF
7Funk Swing (Simple)BPM:104, Key:CPDF
8Slap FunkBPM:92, Key:EPDF
9Slap Funk (Simple)BPM:92, Key:EPDF
10Slap Funk (For Bass)BPM:92, Key:EPDF

To use this track set, please install the BOSS TONE STUDIO application dedicated to your product. Please check the supported product list and download the matching BOSS TONE STUDIO for your product.