Creative Power Set by Gundy Keller

Next Level Guitar Synthesis ... Various refreshing sounds created with fully potential of SY-300 including filters, effects and step sequencer.

Gundy Keller --- Gundy Keller is a German guitarist. His favor for black music melted with the extract of high quality rock and pop music results in a wide variety of guitar styles and composing skills. Currently he is recording, touring and filming most intensively Gundy's got a long term relationship with ROLAND and BOSS. In his capacity, he presents ROLAND and BOSS products on many continents, also as a Musical Director for Band Performances. Besides that he is dedicated to songwriting and producing @ his own studio facility “A-TOWN recordings”Due to his love for guitar sounds he created a new business where he consults guitarists and bassists in achieving the ultimate sound.

Live Set

1Sweet Comb FilterA mixture of Detune Saw, Triangle with Synced LoFiFilter plus Saw with synced RingMod with a blend of touch sensitive Hi- and Lo-Pass Filtering ran through a fair amount of distortion puts you back to the good 80's metal days. hairspray and spandex pants recommended!
2Solar BluesThis patch is ideal if you want to stay traditional bluesy clean with a hazing type of synth texture that's oozing out with some slow attack. Great for ballads !
3Stringed TB:303Most musicians will immediately remember the TB-303 sound that was re-introduced in the 90's due to the electronic and techno wave. This patch enables a guitar player to play a sequenced TB-303 style sound with lot´s of dynamics and pitch sensivity.
4GiantStep4MankindThe inspiration for this patch came from U2-guitarist The Edge who is consistently using synced and layered delays on different amps for their particular style of music. Very rich sounding setting that does not require many notes to make it sound spectacular.
5MOJO BONEMany guitarists like playing the bass … here is a "phat"layer of a synth bass + a regular Nile-style clean guitar. Fonk it up!
6Triple Layer GTROld school 80´s clean tone topped with a sliced synth pad that determines the overall rhythm of the sound.
7Ultimate Bs Stack3 Oscillators with Synth Bass, Organ derivative and a hyper touch sensitive Detuned Saw Waveform stack up to this ultimate bass sound … very inviting for unison runs. Time for a bass solo !
8Sputnik DancerThe night this patch was created there was full moon and it inspired me to create something "astral". So here it is … the super-touch-sensitive-3-dimensional-sputnik-dancer.
9Merry Go Round2 x Detune Saw Wave + 1 Pulse-Width-Modulated blended with a ton of reverb compression and a rotating cabinet …. things start swirling the second you touch the strings.Possibly without getting motion sick!
10Full Throttle LdThis unique lead sound you may never be able to create with another unit than the BOSS SY-300. Rocketed 12 semitones up with loads of filtering and distortion … crank that beast up and rock the hell out of it.
*This live set was created with SY-300.
*These patches reproduce each sound as described above, but not perfectly reproduce the originals.

To use this liveset, please install the BOSS TONE STUDIO application dedicated to your product. Please check the supported product list and download the matching BOSS TONE STUDIO for your product.


True analog-style polyphonic guitar synthesizer with zero latency and no special pickup required.