Casting A Shadow

This patch set is reminiscent of the famous sixties instrumental guitar band well known for their iconic clean delay sounds. Each Patch is specifically designed for a specific hit song of the band headed by Hank M.

Live Set

1A PatchThe sound to accompany their most famous song named after a Indian tribe. Best played on the bridge pickup of a strat style guitar.
2The Wild OneThis is another of their 'Savage' tunes known for its dramatic delay ending. Best played on the bridge pickup of a strat style guitar.
3Kon IncaThis song features the iconic tempo delay. Best played on the bridge pickup of a strat style guitar.
4CIAThis cave like sound is drenched in reverb is also very well known. Best played on the bridge pickup of a strat style guitar.
5Peace CigarSmoking for peace, so to speak. Best played on the neck pickup of a strat style guitar.
6AtlantaSong about the sunken city. Intro should be played by middle pickup of a strat style guitar.
7Mystery ManMystery man features a long delay in intro and ending and a very bright sound. Best played on the bridge pickup of a strat style guitar.
8Land of WondersAnother 'Wonderful' sound. Use neck pickup and listen to the rollin' delay in the middle part.
9Cavatina HunterSong made famous by the movie The Deer Hunter. The CTL pedal engages the slow gear with emulates the volume pedal action in this song. Again use a bridge pickup
10Foot StomperJust tap your foot to this one. A more compressed delay sound. Normally it is played by two guitars but a slight chorus emulates this perfectly. Very important to use the middle pickup.
11Rise & FallA song of their later period. Best played with a burns Guitar but can also be played on a strat in fourth pickup position (neck+middle).
12Lover's themeThis theme for lovers features a long delay and very bright sound. Use the neck pickup.
13Dance upKeep on dancing with this sound. This is more a reverb sound with a lot of compression. Use the middle pickup of your strat style guitar.
14Ridin' the skyThis is also a very famous song on a disco beat. Use your neck pickup for to play song. Please keep in mind to really bend the notes.
*These patches reproduce each sound as described above, but not perfectly reproduce the originals.

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