Funk/Jazz Collection by Tamas Barabas

In this collection of patches, Tamas has created some typical Funk/Jazz bass sounds on fretted and fretless basses. These patches are for bass grooves. Note: Make sure you stomp on the CTL pedal for each patch as they offer wide variations to the sounds.

Tamas Barabas -- Tamas Barabas was born in 1972, in Hungary. TB is a versatile session musician, bassist, pro sound engineer, composer, producer, and arranger. He played bass tracks for several albums representing a broad array of musical genres from pop to jazz. His fabulous bass guitar sound and composition skills have crafted the sound of the band Djabe. They have toured around the World, totaling 44 countries and played at the most important jazz/world music festivals. Besides his musical carrier, TB is an acclaimed sound engineer in Hungary. Djabe's 'Sheafs Are Dancing' album is highly-respected by top sound engineers at Abbey Road Studios, where the DVD-Audio disc was authored. He has been a LoopStation fanatic ever since the RC-20 debut in 2001, and continues to blow away the audience again and again with his loops. Awards: Emerton, Band called Tea (1994) / Fonogram, World Music - Djabe (2000) / Emerton, Jazz - Djabe (2001) / Emerton, Jazz - Fusio Group (2006) / Artisjus, Musical Foundation - Bass Artist (2011)

Live Set

1TOMI LIMT PREAMPBasic Tamas's bass sound with Limiter added for versatile style.
2TOMI LIM WAH RNGCrazy sound generated by a combination of Ring Modulator and pedal Wah. CTL1 turns on/off the Ring Modulator.
3TOMI ACOU360 CHOTamas's favorite BASS 360 preamp. CTL1 adds Chorus for more depth. Perfect for "Jaco style" fretless bass sound!
4TOMI & DIRTYProgressive rock bass with a little dirty drive based on BASS 360 preamp. CTL1 turns on OD SOLO for boost.
5TOMI REVO SYNTHFunky and groovy synth bass sound with tight sub-bass by Octave effect. CTL1 adds FUZZ.
6TOMI ENV OCTHere's a Mu-Tron-like TWAH sound of 70's P-Funk! CTL1 pedal adds bold sub-bass by Octave effects.
7TOMI CONTRA BFuturistic sound made with Defretter and Acoustic Bass Simulator. Fun to play slap bass!
8TOMI THE SWEETTight but well-rounded tone using BASS 360 preamp with Octave and stereo Chorus effects. CTL1 adds Reverb.
9TOMI ROB SYNTHA robust "fat bass" synth sound from the future using square wave with short Reverb. Delay effect is assigned to CTL1.
10TOMI LOOPER WAHSimple patch with funky Wah effect for loop performance. CTL1 adds an octave lower pitch.

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