LEADS by Youri

Youri created a series of lead sounds, clean, crunch & hard covering '60s sounds to nowadays' shred sounds.

Youri De Groote -- Youri De Groote is more & more getting known as a "Pure tone guitar player" & for his feeling & his use of the vibratos/whammy bar. He is a very well known session guitar player, and has worked & played with hundreds of artists and production teams. He also gives some masterclasses/demos (Frankfurt Musikmesse, Paris Music Expo, Summer Brugges Masterclasses, Brussels Music School, Music Academy International (M.A.I. France), Guitar Xtreme magazine, Guitare Live web-magazine etc..). His not yet released album is highly anticipated. Simon Philips on drums and Tony Levin on bass, among lots of other artists already recorded some material with Youri.

Live Set

1California CleanTypical 80's clean sound. CTL adds Delay. Pedal FX Switch adds wah-wah
2California LeadTypical 80's Lead sound. U.S. West Coast! Great for melodic lines. CTL adds Pitch Shift. Pedal FX Switch adds wah-wah
3Sweet ThingA very cool Clean sound with some Tape Delay and Tremolo effects. Nostalgic sound of the '60s & surf music. Volume pedal can brings some nice lap steel effects. CTL adds just a little extra Blues Overdrive and removes Tremolo. Pedal FX Switch adds wah-wah
4JazzyA nice Jazz sound without having a big jazz guitar. CTL adds Chorus for big leads
5Dark ShredGreat 7 strings crunch/dist rhythm sound and powerful lead CTL adds delay
6Lead DelayCool Clean sound (shortly crunched!), with a nice delay. CTL adds a very cool Delay effect with no feedback and doubles your lead. Tempo 84
7Not Of This EarthAtmospheric Psycho Rock lead Effect. Pedal FX adds Pitch Shift CTL adds boost
8Shy Blues?A typical crunchy single coil blues sound. CTL adds extra gain Pedal FX Switch adds wah-wah
9Rock LeadGreat amount of lead/rock distortion CTL adds delay Pedal FX Switch adds wah-wah
*This live set was created with ME-80.
*These patches reproduce each sound as described above, but not perfectly reproduce the originals.

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