KATANA BASS Fretless Bass Tones

A collection of the tones covering wide styles of Funk and R&B.

Live Set

1RoosterPunchy clean tone with subtle chorus
2ContinuousModulated tone with less gain and refined chorus
3BassLandClean bass tone with chorus
4SpaciousSpacious clean tone for melodic solo bass
5Solo ChorusBass tone with thick chorus effect
6Solo FuzzDistorted fuzz tone

To use this liveset, please install the BOSS TONE STUDIO application dedicated to your product. Please check the supported product list and download the matching BOSS TONE STUDIO for your product.


Breakthrough Katana Innovation for Bassists. With 300 watts of assertive class AB stage power and a high-performance speaker system based around two 10-inch woofers.


Breakthrough Katana Innovation for Bassists. With 110 watts class AB power amp, custom 10-inch woofer, and tweeter with on/off switch.