Bassaurus Collection by Tamas Barabas

Special synth bass sounds with different waveforms and filters.Note:Make sure you stomp on the CTL pedal for each patch as it offers some variations to the sounds.

Tamas Barabas -- Tamas Barabas was born in 1972, Hungary. TB is a versatile session musician, bassist, pro sound engineer, composer, producer and arranger. He played bass track for several albums representing a broad array of musical genres from pop to jazz. His fabulous bass guitar sound and composition skills crafted the sound of the band Djabe. They have toured around the World, totaling 44 countries and played at the most important jazz/world music festivals. Besides his musical carrier, TB is an acclaimed sound engineer in Hungary. Djabe's 'Sheafs Are Dancing' album is highly-respected by top sound engineers at Abbey Road Studios, where the DVD-Audio disc was authored. He has been a LoopStation fanatic ever since the RC-20 debut in 2001, and continues to blow away the audience again and again with his loops. Awards:Emerton, Band called Tea (1994) / Fonogram, World Music - Djabe (2000) / Emerton, Jazz - Djabe (2001) / Emerton, Jazz - Fusio Group (2006) / Artisjus, Musical Foundation - Bass Artist (2011)

Live Set

1BASSAURUS 1SAW -1 OCT wave with a low pass filter plus a detuned SIN with also low pass filter with some ambient delay for the whole. You can add an overdrive with the CTL pedal.
2BASSAURUS 2PWM -1 OCT low pass filtered sound plus a SAW -1 OCT sound are mixed together. You can add or take away the SAW with the CTL pedal.
3BASSAURUS 3This sound is based on a filtered TRI waveform plus a SIN wave and the direct bass sounds can be switched with the CTL pedal.
4BASSAURUS 4Detuned SAW, SQR, SIN waves where you can apply a -1 OCT sound by pressing the CTL pedal.
5BASSAURUS 5Detuned PWM, SQR, SIN waves where you can apply a -1 OCT sound by pressing the CTL pedal.
6BASSAURUS 6SQR wave sound, plus you can add the dry sound with special band pass filter with the CTL pedal.
7BASSAURUS 7TRI -1 OCT wave plus a SIN +1 OCT wave, you can add or take away the direct bass sound with the CTL pedal.
8MEZZO STEPPWM -1 OCT wave with a low pass filter, with a PWM band pass filtered sound. You can add the normal bass with some compressor and chorus FX to the synth sound. There is a kind of vintage EQ at the end of the chain.
*This live set was created with SY-300.
*These patches reproduce each sound as described above, but not perfectly reproduce the originals.

To use this liveset, please install the BOSS TONE STUDIO application dedicated to your product. Please check the supported product list and download the matching BOSS TONE STUDIO for your product.


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