Tamas Barabas collection for SY-1000

Collection for funk bass synth, with wider variation of sound controlled by CTL switch.

Tamas Barabas --- He was born in 1972, Hungary. Bassist at Djabe and European Mantra. TB is a versatile session musician, bassist, pro sound engineer, composer, producer and arranger. He played bass track for several albums representing a broad array of musical genres from pop to jazz. His fabulous bass guitar sound and composition skills crafted the sound of the band Djabe. They have toured around the World, totaling 44 countries and played at the most important jazz/world music festivals. Besides his musical carrier, TB is an acclaimed sound engineer in Hungary. Djabe's 'Sheafs Are Dancing' album is highly-respected by top sound engineers at Abbey Road Studios, where the DVD-Audio disc was authored. He has been a LoopStation fanatic ever since the RC-20 debut in 2001, and continues to blow away the audience again and again with his loops. Awards: Emerton, Band called Tea (1994) / Fonogram, World Music - Djabe (2000) / Emerton, Jazz - Djabe (2001) / Emerton, Jazz - Fusio Group (2006) / Artisjus, Musical Foundation - Bass Artist (2011)

Live Set

1THE THIRDTypical fretless bass tone. CTL1 activates NATURAL BASS AMP, also CTL2 engages STEREO CHORUS and REVERB together.
2PHAT SUBEEFat sub bass monster. The invisible bass sound and it's cool for under a bass solo. CTL1 controls ON/OFF for INST1(DYNAMIC SYNTH) and CTL2 adds upper octave DYNAMIC SYNTH.
3YURADirty and funky bass sound by X-DRIVE BASS AMP. Enable to on/off X-DRIVE BASS AMP by CTL1 to change the sound more clean. CTL2 adds distorted DYNAMIC SYNTH sound.
4SCHOOLBAGA speedy little piccolo bass sound with rich modulation by POLY FX and Chorus. CLT1 can be added an extreme fast contrabass sound on INST1.
5MILKY DAYThick and distorted bass sound by two ANALOG GR synth. CTL1 adds additional ANALOG GR sound with unique HUMANIZER effect. CTL2 controls ON/OFF for INST3 which simulates 60's synth brass for tuba.
6MELO DEECut through electric bass sound for slapping. CTL1 activates X-DRIVE BASS AMP. Also enable to add funky wah guitar sound on bass by CTL2.
7SEKU 16Fat analog synth sound with distinctive 16 step analog synth sequencer. CTL1 activates SEQ1 TURBO, it makes the sequence speed double. CTL2 works as TAP TEMPO, please adjust tempo when you use this patch.
8LED AXEFiltered bass synth sound with high octave DYNAMIC SYNTH sound which reminiscent of violin. CTL1 activates normal input to add thickness. CTL2 controls ON/OFF for violin sound.
9CHILLHeavy old funk guitar sound. Enable to add NORMAL INPUT sound for bass via CTL1 and works well for unison sound. CTL2 adds another single coil guitar sound with PAN effect.
100001-YSCrazy reversed synth and electric bass sound. CTL1 controls ON/OFF for -1octave bass synth, also CTL2 changes electric bass type.
*This live set was created with SY-1000.
*These patches reproduce each sound as described above, but not reproduce the specific sounds.

To use this liveset, please install the BOSS TONE STUDIO application dedicated to your product. Please check the supported product list and download the matching BOSS TONE STUDIO for your product.


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