BASS: Reimagined by Juan Alderete

Brand new sounds that inspire my approach to low-end and sonic shaping.

Juan Alderete de la Peña has been playing bass for over thirty years and has become one of the most well-respected players in the industry as well as a highly influential figure in the effects world. From The Mars Volta to Del the Funky Homosapien to his current role with Marilyn Manson (with many more legendary appearances in between). His bass playing knows no bounds.

Live Set

1DUAL CHOP COPA dual voiced rhythmic body mover. The foundation sound is a DYNAMIC SYNTH square wave dedicated to the 4 and 3 strings. The second voice is another DYNAMIC SYNTH, set to a triangle wave that’s pitched up 19 intervals. Both tones go through SLICERs- the square wave through a SLICER set to half notes and triangle wave set to quarter notes. When playing a combination of those strings at the same time, it produces a synced rhythm that includes the bass (square wave) and melody (triangle wave). CTL1 is a MST DLY and CTL2 works as TAP TEMPO for SLICERs.
2CHURCH OF SYNTHAn OSC SYNTH in dual mode- first wave is a square and the second is a sawtooth tuned down a whole octave. A massive PLATE REVERB assigned to CTL1 allows you to summon any spirit you wish while bass rattling the entire church. CTL2 engages SITAR SIM.
3SLEESTACK BASSThis is a three voiced synth - a DYNAMIC SYNTH set to a sawtooth, and OSC SYNTH set to another sawtooth and an OSC SYNTH set to RING mode with yet another sawtooth. CTL1 is a bass FLANGER assigned to the DYNAMIC SYNTH, while CTL 2 engages the DYNAMIC SYNTH.
4GEAR GRINDERA three voiced synth- a DYNAMIC SYNTH set to a sawtooth, an OSC SYNTH set to another sawtooth and a OSC SYNTH set to RING mode with a squarewave. CTL1 can turn on and off the CLASSIC-VIBE effects all the voices and you can control the speed via CTL2 TAP TEMPO.
5SUB FLANGE HANGA single voiced OSC SYNTH monophonic square wave. There isn’t an actual flange
6CHRIS CHOIRTwo voices- E.BASS and E.GTR (a single coil type, tuned up a 5th). CTL1 is a DELAY with minimal feedback and the rate is controlled via TAP TEMPO at CTL2.
7CONJUGAL BASSThe real ones will know. 2 voices- an ANALOG GR that hits a squelching RING MOD and a vintage jazz bass that passes through a CLASSIC-VIBE. CTL1 is a master delay. You can control rate for RING MOD and CLASSIC-VIBE via CTL2 TAP TEMPO.
8GRIME TIMEA square wave DYNAMIC SYNTH with a low pass filter with a slow attack. Compressed, EQ and limited for stability. the sound crawls the floor at the bottom of a murky swamp. CTL1 controls ON/OFF for MST DLY.
*This live set was created with SY-1000.
*These patches reproduce each sound as described above, but not reproduce the specific sounds.

To use this liveset, please install the BOSS TONE STUDIO application dedicated to your product. Please check the supported product list and download the matching BOSS TONE STUDIO for your product.


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