Tricky Meister, Gundy Keller

Unique, tricky sound collection by Gundy Keller. Using an array of characteristic effects, this collection of high-impact yet practical patches will give spice to your performance and amplify your expressiveness.

Gundy Keller --- Gundy Keller is a Germany guitarist. His favor for black music melted with the extract of high quality rock and pop music results in a wide variety of guitar styles and composing skills. Currently he is recording, touring and filming most intensively Gundy's got a long term relationship with ROLAND and BOSS. In his capacity, he presents ROLAND and BOSS products on many continents, also as a Musical Director for Band Performances. Besides that he is dedicated to songwriting and producing @ his own studio facility “A-TOWN recordings”Due to his love for guitar sounds he created a new business where he consults guitarists and bassists in achieving the ultimate sound.

Live Set

1Sliced UpCreated with a drastic TREMOLO effect setting, this patch utilizes a Slicer Effect. The FUZZ overdrive helps to "cut through."
2FlageolettoA super clean sound with compression and chorus that is driven through regular delay and TERA ECHO. An unusual reverb is created the carries the guitar sound very "far."
3OctafuzzedOCT FUZZ make this guitar sound have an lot of "bite." Useful for both chord and solo playing.
4Robins BridgeA STACK preamp and the UNI-V, added REVERB and TERA ECHO create a typical 70's Trower sound. Best used with the middle pickup on a Strat.
5Tera FunkSuper Clean preamp tone with compression to alter the TERA ECHO sound differently every time you change your playing velocity. Inspirational!
6DefrettedSound using the DEFRETTER and FUZZ passing into a STACK preamp.
7Phat'n Dirty BassA punchy and slightly overdriven bass emulation with OCTAVE + and additional 1 OCTAVE-down on the pedal into a CORE distortion with some equalization. Way cool for playing bass and guitar unison lines from a single instrument.
8GK Fretless SoulIn this patch, exotic touch is added to a clean, regular jazz tone. The cathedral like reverb is produced by the TERA ECHO!!
9YouTwoThree simultaneous DELAYs set 300/450/600 ms to create a special bouncing rhythm at 100 BPM. Only a few chords are necessary to make this sound "swing."
10Unique LeadA unique filter using an overdriven FUZZ and the DEFRETTER that gives a slight envelope filter sound.
*This live set was created with ME-80.
*This live set was created with GP-10.
*These patches reproduce each sound as described above, but not perfectly reproduce the originals.

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