Tone Meister, Gundy Keller

This Live-Set takes the gear to another level and combines traditional amp tones with some special FX. When playing most of these patches it maybe helpful to know that playing less gives more room for the sound to evolve. On top, if you would like a different speed of the Slicer and Delay Rhythm, you can do so by changing the BPM parameter in the Master Setting according to the desired song tempo.

Gundy Keller --- Gundy Keller is a German guitarist. His favor for black music melted with the extract of high quality rock and pop music results in a wide variety of guitar styles and composing skills. Currently he is recording, touring and filming most intensively Gundy's got a long term relationship with ROLAND and BOSS. In his capacity, he presents ROLAND and BOSS products on many continents, also as a Musical Director for Band Performances. Besides that he is dedicated to songwriting and producing @ his own studio facility “A-TOWN recordings”Due to his love for guitar sounds he created a new business where he consults guitarists and bassists in achieving the ultimate sound.

Live Set

1East to WestA compressed clean sound that get's thrown from left to right. Includes a dotted 8th note delay
2SyncromatA full range clean sound combined with a crunchy amp on channel B that get's chopped by a slicer effect from FX Block 2.
37ender Heaven7ender Heaven reflects a guitar sound associated with the famous californian tube sound that we guitar players love so much.
4Mellow FellowOne of the effects that make a regular guitar sound very special is BOSS's defretter effect. Again it's using the parallel amp channel feature to widely divide two signal chains. Panning delay is also involved.
5Lezly HeavenRotary Cabinets have been used by guitarists since the 60's. The new GT technology offers now 2 different types of rotary sounds. Note that the speed of the horns changes frequently with touching any footswitch or button.
6SteamdrivenAustralian influenced Plexitones with a touch of Flanging on one of the guitars.
7Pompeii LeadReminiscent of the famous Floyd guitar sound with lots of Reverb and Delay. A super compressed clean tone generated by a Strat and clean plus crunch amp tone combined.
870s German Guitar HeroUsing Wah in a fixed position for creating a very characteristic lead tone.
9Fox30 In SpaceBritish Voxy Type Amp with the typical midrange crunch sound known from so many good records. A Tweed amp on channel B gets tossed around with Delay and Slicer. Very cool for dramatic song intros.
10Metamorphosis GuitarSlicing and dicing goes on and on with this patch. As well as the all new multi overtone effect to create organ type sounds.
*This live set was created with GT-001.
*These patches reproduce each sound as described above, but not perfectly reproduce the originals.

To use this liveset, please install the BOSS TONE STUDIO application dedicated to your product. Please check the supported product list and download the matching BOSS TONE STUDIO for your product.


A compact size multi effects unit providing instant access to your ideal tone from extensive collection of onboard SOUND LIBRARY.

BOSS TONE STUDIO for ME-25 works as a librarian software.