Randall Waller Collection

This is a live set for classic rock and hard rock guitarists, who prefer to run the gear without amp modelling. This set provides a wide variety of great sounding Lead and Rhythm tones - perfect for a working musician.

Randall Waller --- Randall Waller is an acclaimed musician who plays guitar, sings, writes and produces records. He has spent most of his career living overseas touring and playing with artists including Shania Twain, Keith Urban, Elton John and the Backstreet Boys. He's played at the Grammies, the American Music Awards, the SUPERBOWL, not to mention several appearances on Letterman, Leno and other award shows with live-to-air TV specials too numerous to mention - from Madison Square Garden to Wembley.

Live Set

1NormalModern Natural Overdrive. When Exp pedal is depressed, Delay & Pitch Shifter are engaged.
2MoonBlues Overdrive. When Exp pedal is depressed, chorus turns off, gain is increased and compression decreased.
3PrideNatural OverDrive tone.
4Modern PunkMetal DS. Accel/CTL pedal engages Cry Wah.
5Angry BluesTasty Blues Overdrive. When Exp pedal is depressed, Delay is turned on & gain is slightly increased.
6PoppieBlues type break up is increased when Exp pedal is depressed, at the same time the chorus is turned off.
7PhunkieExp pedal at heel chorus is on, exp pedal at toe ch off, delay on.
8Modern MetalMetal DS, with pitch shifting on exp pedal at toe.
9Octave BluesWarm sounding Blues Drive for rhythm, kick the exp pedal forward for a gain boost and delay.
10Lite RockBlues Rock tone, great for live work, rhythm and soloing, delay in the exp pedal when at toe position.
*This live set was created with GT-100.
*These patches reproduce each sound as described above, but not perfectly reproduce the originals.

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