Rafael Bittencourt Collection

Rafael Bittencourt, guitarist and founder of the band Angra uses all his experience on stages all over the world to provide exclusively a collection of patches especially for BOSS TONE CENTRAL.

Rafael Bittencourt --- Rafael Bittencourt is a Brazilian guitar player with singular sensibility, technique and style. In 1991, he founded the world-wide famous band Angra. One of the first symphonic-metal bands which has been influencing many other groups for the past 22 years of its existence. Combining ethnic groves and his classical background, he is still very active with the band, writing most of Angra's tunes, lyrics and concepts. Angra's debut album "Angels Cry" reached gold record in Japan and has lead the band to a history of great success in many other countries since then. Over one million records sold around the world, he has a discography of over 23 titles, including singles, CDs, EPs and DVDs. Over two decades has passed and he still influences many young musicians and players attending also as teacher, singer, arranger and music producer. In 2008 he started a side project, called "Bittencourt Project", releasing the album "Brainworms I". In 2013, Angra has released a DVD called "Angels Cry 20th Annivrsary Tour"; having Uli Jon Roth, Tarja Turunen, Fabio Lione and other great guest artists.

Live Set

1DedicatemySoulHigh Gain Stack. Great for heavy rhythm parts.
2Underworld 1Phaser effect and Wah solo sound.
3Underworld 2Phaser wah with low guitar volume. There are many possibilities of sounds just by adjusting the guitar volume and Wah on.
4Clean TwinNice Clean with Delay.
5Mellow ViolinCrunchy Clean with Slow Gear effect. Also cool to emulate a string quartet.
6HarmonizerHarmonizer selected on lower thirds on C/Am key. Good for Arpegios and slow melodies.
7WILD WAHDry solo sound with Wild kind of Wah.
8T-WAHBlending T-Wah effect with dotted-eight-note delay. T-wah responds to the dynamics you play creating an keyboard kind of effect.
9OctaveR-fire vintage + -1 octave. Great for single notes heavy parts.
10Gentle ChangeAccoustic simulator. Good also for very clean guitar sound.
*This live set was created with GT-100.
*These patches reproduce each sound as described above, but not perfectly reproduce the originals.

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