Kim SeHwang Collection

In this collection of patches, it is a very simple guitar -> cable -> amp based sound set based with the nuance of the UK vintage style amp tone with minimal edits to best express the structure of a tune as it progresses. The clean tones are based on the nuance of the legendary Roland JC-120 combo amplifier in simple, but for diverse use.

Kim SeHwang -- Kim SeHwang is a guitarist from Seoul, Korea who has released 15 albums either as a solo artist, guitarist of N.EX.T, Novasonic, and as a soloist with various world reknown orchestras as I Musici di Roma. Touring since 1991, being heavily influence in his renown guitar works, studio session works include main acts in Korean-Pop, being the trendsetter in South Korea & Asia for the past two decades. He had been confirmed the Doctorate of Music in Performance honorary causa from the Musicians Institute in Hollywood as the 5th recipient after Herbie Hancock, Steve Vai, Sheila E., & Alice Cooper. He is a member of the faculty of Kimpo University - Hallyu Culture Department, also being an educatorz of future stars in Korean-Pop. He released his new instrumental, 'The Technicians' in 2014. 'The Technicians', working with Stuart Hamm(b), Mitch Forman(k), Jeff Bowders(d).

Live Set

1KSH_OR_CRUNCHCrunch tone. Guitar into tube amp + big cabinet.
2KSH_OR_LEAD_LITELead tone. Boost tone with minimal delay effect setup to be used with the wah pedal.
3KSH_OR_PSHIFTLead tone. Using very little amount of pitch shift. great for melody lines.
4KSH_OR_LEADLead tone. Extra boost and delay.
5KSH_OR_LD_XT_DLYLead tone. A lot of delay for the loudest part of the song.
6KSH_OR_LD_XT_CHOLead tone. A lot of delay & Chorus, better for loud solo.
7KSH_OR_LD_SWELLLead tone. For volume swell during quiet parts of ballad tunes.
8KSH_JC120_CLEANClean tone. With extra clear feeling
9KSH_TAP_HARClean tone. For use with tap harmonics.
10KSH_8BT_16BT_SEQClean tone. Expressed the sequence cycle similar to the synth sounds of the 70's.
11KSH_JC120_LDClean tone. Great for clean melody lines or solos.
*This live set was created with ME-80.
*These patches reproduce each sound as described above, but not perfectly reproduce the originals.

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