Jazz/Fusion by Alex Hutchings

In this collection of patches, Alex has created some unique sounds of his own and recreated some classic tones too. Ranging from authentic Old Skool Jazz to contemporary, you’re sure to find something you like. Note:Make sure you stomp on the CTL & Expression pedal for each patch as they offer wide variations to the sounds.

Alex Hutchings --- World renowned guitarist Alex Hutchings has been blessed by gaining a national and international following over the last few years. Regularly touring the globe Alex performs under his own name and as an international demonstrator for such companies as Roland Corporation. Alex has performed in arenas spanning over 13 countries as well as the prestigious Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club London, Glastonbury and the Isle of Wight Festivals, to name but a few. Alex's strengths lie in his powerful and dynamic playing as well as the fact he consistently masters some of the most complicated techniques, these include sweep picking, long legato lines and complex chord changes. Over the last 12 years Alex has played professionally in a variety of different musical ensembles from a Jazz trio to a full size orchestra, Jazz big band, numerous pop outfits and has led his own projects. As well as a guitarist Alex has also composed work for the BBC, ITV and the Cable Network.

Live Set

1Squelchy CleanThe more you 'dig in' with this patch, the more response you feel. Play it softly for a sensitive sound, play it harder to experience the full dynamics of this patch. CTL adds Blues OD/DS for a squelchy lead sound.
2Food for thoughtMid crunch lead tone for fusion style playing. CTL adds Boost and Delay.
3CRUSHIN'ATTITUDEAggressive lead tone to help cut through on solos. CTL adds Chorus and Delay.
4New York JazzChorused clean tone for chords and jazzy lead lines. CTL lead tone plus sub Delay.
5Speaking GuitarGood, clean fun for dynamic playing with an ambient textured sound. CTL pedal creates a fun lead tone with the same dynamic effect. Pedal FX = Voice.
6In Another WorldVolume swells create beautiful pads and picking gives ambience from another world. CTL adds lead tone that compliments the pad sound. Pedal FX = Freeze.
7BlusionWell rounded crunch rhythm or mid range lead tone. CTL adds a little drive and extra boost to the tone.
8Organic JazzPure, clean jazz tone suitable for octave playing and lead lines. CTL adds cool overtones reminiscent of draw bars from an organ.
9Fast LaneSoaring lead for very fast expressive lead lines. CTL adds Phaser. Pedal FX adds +2 oct pitch bend.
10Deep into itAggressive, clean tone great for heavy rhythm parts and blues phrasing. CTL adds Delay and Blues lead sound.
*This live set was created with ME-80.
*These patches reproduce each sound as described above, but not perfectly reproduce the originals.

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