Gus G Collection

A collection of 20 classic and modern tones for the BOSS ME-80 made especially for BOSS TONE CENTRAL by Gus G.

Gus G --- Guitar virtuoso Gus G., well known in the Metal and Rock universe for his outstanding work as member of Ozzy Osbourne’s band and as leader of his own group Firewind, has announced the signing of a new solo-artist contract with longtime international partners Century Media Records in order to co-operate on his debut solo-release entitled “I Am The Fire” for the Spring of 2014. Gus G. has had an amazing rise within the scene and amassed an incredible body of work, both on the studio-album and worldwide touring fronts. It was mainly the restless activity with his own band Firewind (with whom he has released a total of 7 studio albums and 2 live releases so far) as well as his invitation to join Ozzy Osbourne’s line-up ranks for the Grammy nominated “Scream” album release from 2010 and its consequent worldwide touring that fully boosted Gus G.’s reputation and profile to be now considered one of the leading guitarists in the current Metal/Rock scene.

Live Set

1Vintage SwirlInstantly recognizable classic swirling tone using the STACK Preamp and PHASER.
2Power CleanA dramatic, clean sound using the PITCH SHIFTER to create rich, chorus-like tones with some MODULATE DELAY for even more depth and motion in the sound.
3Soft CleanThis is a solid modern clean tone with subtle CHORUS, MODULATE DELAY for depth of sound, and REVERB.
4V Swirl 2This classic sound uses the UNI-V effect to nail that 60's and 70's swirling lead tone.
5Doc OcA super dark, heavy tone great for low single note lines using the STACK preamp. The OCTAVE effect brings the extra low grind.
6Trick DelayUse this patch for cascading delay effects used by many modern lead guitarists.
7Thick RockLots of gain and distortion using the T-SCREAM for extra drive.
8DOUBLE DRIVEThis is like everything turned up to 10. It has OCT FUZZ going into the METAL preamp for extreme distortion, with a bit of TAPE DELAY adding extra fullness to the sound.
9Heavy VibeThe big sound of the DRIVE preamp combined with the famous sound of a BOSS DS-1 DISTORTION. The UNI-V provides an almost tremolo-like modulation.
10Chunk RhythmThe rock sound that used to require big stack amps turned way up. Good for chunk rhythms and hot, clear leads.
11Very MetallicGo straight to this one for instant metal. Plenty of heavy crunch tones from the METAL Preamp.
12Shred LeadA high-gain modern lead sound using the T-SCREAM into the METAL preamp with some added ANALOG DELAY to fill out the sound.
13V Wailin'Classic 80's rock sound combining the T-SCREAM and the METAL preamp with a taste of PHASER added for the harmonic sweeps typical of the sound.
14Crunch Rock RhythmCool all-purpose rock rhythm tone using the COMBO preamp and a bit of EQ.
15Modern Acoustic ElectricThis gives you a modern acoustic-electric tone from an electric guitar by using the AC SIM effect through the AC preamp, with the HARMONIST added for a doubling effect.
16Wha's the DealA strong rock tone with the WAH on. Great for stand-out rock solos.
17Two at OncePlay screaming single note leads and get the harmonies at the same time. The versatile METAL preamp and the PITCH SHIFTER provide the fat tones.
18AustinTXKiller blues and rock tone great for rhythmic and melodic leads. This patch create the tone in the same way as the original; with a T-SCREAM effect into a warm CLEAN amp adding a bit of ANALOG DELAY and REVERB.
19Wah LeadThis uses the wah like a booster combined with the T-SCREAM for a crisp full lead tone that drives the TWEED preamp with just a little ANALOG DELAY.
20Ultra GrindWhen heavy isn't heavy enough, use this patch for tons of gain and attitude. The DISTORTION effect pumped into the METAL preamp with some EQ provide all you need for maximum drive and grind.
*This live set was created with ME-80.
*These patches reproduce each sound as described above, but not perfectly reproduce the originals.

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