Bruce Bouillet Collection

From jangly clean to 60's psychedelic to modern heavy rock, Bruce's patches are a wide ranging history of musical rock tones for everything from funk to fusion and more. Check out Bruce's use of CTL and EXP to get the most from these tones.

Bruce Bouillet --- Bruce Bouillet joined forces with guitarist Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big), bassist Juan Alderete (The Mars Volta), drummer Scott Travis (Judas Priest), and vocalist Jeff Martin (Badlands) to form the progressive rock band "Racer X". This lineup was signed to Shrapnel records and recorded the first of three albums Racer X "Second Heat". Two years later he joined "The Scream" featuring members Juan Alderete, Walt Woodward, and John Corabi . Their first release "Let It Scream" produced by Eddie Kramer landed them on a year long tour of the U.S and England. In 2007 he reunited with his friend Paul Gilbert for a tour of Japan and a much coveted spot on the U.S / Canada G3 tour with Joe Satriani , and John Pettrucci . In between all the touring he wrote and recorded his first solo instrumental album "Unspoken". Signing to King Records in Japan, he released his second solo instrumental album "Interventions" which brought him back to Japan for guitar clinics in Tokyo and shows in Los Angeles and New York. In 2013 he completed 12 tracks for his third solo album BRUCE BOUILLET "THE ORDER OF CONTROL" and signed to the prestigious Mascot Record Group. His heaviest and most progressive album to date, featuring Dave Foreman (Dj Quick Tupac) on Bass, Glen Sobel (Alice Cooper, Orianthi ) on Drums, releases January 2014.

Live Set

1Classic Dry 1A good sound for slide guitar. In this patch, the PEDAL FX pedal is set to WAH and the CTL pedal turns on the DELAY.
2Classic Dry 2A chorusy metal sound. Hit the CTL pedal to turn the chorus on or off.
3Classic SoloThis is a somewhat clean sound with a modulated character added by the PHASER. CTL turns DELAY on.
4Classic OctA heavy sound good for single lines with the OCTAVE effect on for exra low tones. CTL turns on DELAY.
5Classic Dry 3A classic clean and jangly pop sound. Use the CTL pedal to turn on REVERB.
6T Wah CleanA famous wah sound great for vintage funk, using the T.WAH UP effect for its authentic wah tone. Turning the EXP pedal on will give you the +1OCTAVE effect, which lets you bend notes up one octave. Use CTL to turn off the REVERB.
7UniV CleanThe sound of the famous UNI-V, used often in the 60s and 70s for a cool vibrato/rotating speaker kind of effect. Turn on the PEDAL FX pedal to change the speed of the effect while you play.
8Clean HI OctThis Pitch Shifter give this sound a cool 12-string character with single notes. There is also some DELAY, and for more depth, hit CTL to activate the CHORUS.
9Breakdown 1This modern crunch rhythm patch changes dramatically, depending on which way the CTL pedal is swtiched. It controls four different things at the same time: PREAMP and EQ.
10Breakdown 2While starting out with the same overdriven rhythm sound as Breakdown 1, this patch is very different when you hit CTL. In this case, the EQ and T-SCREAM change, and the RING MOD is added for a very unique electronic sound.
11Slo GearSLOW GEAR is an effect that makes your guitar sound almost like a violin. It controls the beginning attack of what you play, so the notes start out at low volumes, and then increase, rather than the other way around.
12Oct FuzzA classic fuzzy sound with the original note and an octave added above. This sound was very popular in psychedelic music and is often used today in modern guitar playing. Bruce recommends lowering your volume knob and turning your tone down for this one.
13Repeater DelayUse this sound to add extra notes while you play single note leads. CTL will add the PHASER to give you a well-known rock sound.
14Reverse DelayA famous trick when using tape decks to record was to turn the tape over when recording a track, then turning it back, so the track would play backwards. This patch recreates this well-known sound.
15Electric 12 LowSounding like a baritone 12-string, this uses the unique sound of the OVERTONE effect, along with CHORUS, DELAY, and REVERB.
16RotorThis is what it a guitar sounds lilke when played through a rotating organ speaker. CTL controls the speed of the rotor.
*This live set was created with ME-80.
*These patches reproduce each sound as described above, but not perfectly reproduce the originals.

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