Brett Kingman Collection

Indie, Rock and Country set, designed for at home or live. Check out a variety of top quality patches from the land 'Down Under' *

Brett Kingman -- Brett Kingman is a professional guitarist based in Melbourne, Australia. Inspired by 70's classic and glam-rock guitarists and beginning his professional career at the age of 12, Brett has carved a path for himself as one of Australia's better-known hired guns. Over the years he has spent time touring and recording with Australian icons such as James Reyne (presently touring), Daryl Braithwaite, Ross Wilson, Renee Geyer, Joe Camilleri, Vika & Linda Bull, Peter Andre, Jenny Morris and dozens of others. He has toured the world with James Reyne while supporting acts such as Tina Turner and Robert Palmer and is a well-known identity at the major music trade shows such as NAMM and Musikmesse. In 2008, Brett and his then 6 year old daughter Sadie started making short YouTube videos demonstrating guitar effects. Some 1300 videos and 13 million hits later, the Brett Kingman channel is widely acknowledged as one of the best of its kind in the world.

Live Set

1Rock DomMid Ranged Valve Power Driven Amp, a touch of Reverb and an Noise Suppressor to round it out.
2Easy LeadDirty ORNG ROCK REVERB compressed & cranked. Great solo tone.
3VINTAGE FlexiCombo Crunch sound. Great warm tone delivered from a neck position pickup and caressed with delay.
4Tera CleanFeaturing the BOSS Tera Echo, you’d want to be a Jazz Master in front of this to really jingle jangle.
5Burgs CountryNice full bodied valve tone. You’ll enjoy the tone and playability of this patch if you crank it up!
6Party DropperFunky BOSS Comp, Get your wah wah on with this one.
7BillyGs CrunchBright Bluesy Stack cranked to a warm mid gain boost with a touch of Reverb to increase sustain.
8More GillsFuzz sound with a classic delay, dual channel clean amps panned for a huge spread.
9Spank GTThere's a phaser on this one, nice for long sustained chords. Try big open chords in position 2 or 4 on your 5 way pickup selector.
10Smooth SailingBright Bridge Tele through a Fuzz into a Tweed. There’s some delay added to help resonate each note that much more. This choppy lead tone will ring out in the mix.
*This live set was created with GT-100.
*These patches reproduce each sound as described above, but not perfectly reproduce the originals.

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