Andrew Aldridge Collection

A unique collection of electronica style patches. Taking full advantage of the ME-80's various effects and their combinations, these fantastic sounds will lead you into another world.

Andrew Aldridge --- For the past 20 years musician Andrew Aldridge has been a fixture in the Canadian Music Scene as an in demand guitarist for many top Artists. His touring/recording credits include critically acclaimed artists such as Sarah Slean, Wild Strawberries, Universal Honey, Danny Michel, Jakalope, Oh Susanna, Lynn Miles, Melissa McClelland and many more. Along with studio recordings, Andrew has been featured on National/International live Releases and Broadcasts. Andrew is becoming more of an Internationally known musician having worked with Albert Bouchard (Blue Oyster Cult) and his band Blue Coupe, Chris Baron (The Spin Doctors) and Peter Stroud (Sheryl Crow). He has toured all throughout North America, Japan and Europe. Recently Andrew has been settling into the role of Producer - an album he produced just won an award at the 2013 Hamilton Music Awards. He has also been working along with lengendary engineer Nick Blagona (Deep Purple, The Bee Gees, April Wine, Tom Jones).

Live Set

1AmericanaBasic, organic type sound. Sound clips feature two tracks of the same sound patch.
2PyscAmbient backwards with slow gear, trem and long feedback. Sound clip features a long feedback that almost sounds like sound on sound. Scratchy drum loop gives the patch sound a warbling record feel.
3ByrdsUsing Overtone and compression to simulate a 12 String Electric guitar. The clip features 3 tracks of this patch to create a more realistic sound.
4Ambient Americana DelayFeaturing delay and Tera Echo. The clip features a subtle Tera effect after the delay.
5GrainySimulated old, grainy tape delay using the Overtone to effect the sound of the delay. Clip features eswellf pad type sounds using the volume pedal from the ME-80.
6Multi TapTwo delay settings used together to simulate a tape echo a.k.a. the Roland Space Echo. Sound clip features this effect used as a etripletf delay effect. Two tracks of guitar are recorded with this patch.
7Blue OctaveThis sound clip features the use of the CTL pedal to turn on the Phase and Delay.
8Spacey FunThe Overtone and the Tera Echo are used to simulate early 80fs synths. Sound clip features a drum loop - everything else is the ME-80.
9Dirty CountryBasic American dirty type lead sound. Clip is a Gretsch but sounds a little like a eTelef.
10Fuzz OctaveFeatures a ecleanf rhythm sound and the use of the CTL pedal to activate the Fuzz Octave effect. The sound clip features 2 guitar tracks; octave off and octave on.
11AnalogFeatures the Tera Echo on a very short feedback and time delay. Allows for the use of the volume pedal to trigger the efilterf effect of the Tera Echo. This sound clip features a programmed dark synth pad together with the guitar track.
12Dark LoopThis patch uses the Phrase Sampler of the ME-80 enabling the ability to set up a loop and overdub. It also features the use of the CTL pedal to control the Ring Modulator and the EXP pedal to activate the freeze function. Every part of this long clip - done in one take.
*This live set was created with ME-80.
*These patches reproduce each sound as described above, but not perfectly reproduce the originals.

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