Air of Nashville by Rich Eckhardt

A wide range of Nashville-style vintage and modern country and rock tones. In some Rich suggests which pickup to use for the best and most authentic results.

Rich Eckhardt --- Rich Eckhardt is one of the most sought after guitarits in Nashville. His ability to cover multiple styles has earned him a place on stage next to singers ranging from Steven Tyler to Shania Twain. Rich has been playing lead guitar for Country super star Toby Keith since 1998.

Live Set

1Oct ODA rock lead sound, this has some heavy overdrive with an octave added above the original note.
2Modern NashvilleThis is a modern country/rock sound. The short slapback delay gives it its country edge, while the COMBO preamp give it some crunch.
3Dark CleanA fat, dark semi-clean tone with DELAY on to fill it out.
4Organ GuitarA sound first used in the 60's made by plugging a guitar into a rotating organ speaker. Use the bridge pickup for best bite.
5Classic CrunchUsing the DRIVE preamp and a little slapback DELAY, this is a good all-purpose crunchy rock sound.
6Mild WahSubtle T-WAH settings give this a smooth wah feel. Good with middle position pickups.
7Rock Wah LeadThe PEDAL FX is turned on in this patch for instant pedal control of the wah sound, along with some medium DELAY. Good for strong rock leads.
8Rhythm CrunchA good crunchy but still clear rhythm sound.
9Modern DriveStrong DRIVE sound for rock tones. Use the bridge pickup for a little more edge.
10Simple GainNo effects except some gain from the PREAMP for a very basic tone.
11Rock LeadGood rock solo tone with OVERDRIVE and DELAY. Try it with the bridge pickup.
12FreezinFREEZE is an effect controlled by the PEDAL FX pedal that can capture and sustain your sound, and you can play over the sustained tone. This patch also had a good amount of DELAY.
13ManualCreated for MANUAL MODE, this patch allows you to call up several different levels of OVERDRIVE, FUZZ, BOOST and WAH in MANUAL MODE.
14SinglesMade for use with single coil pickups, especially the bridge pickup, this has a modern sound.
15SliderHeavy on the Mids and cut back on the Highs and Lows of the PREAMP, this is a good patch for playing slilde guitar.
*This live set was created with ME-80.
*These patches reproduce each sound as described above, but not perfectly reproduce the originals.

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