Standard Bass Tones 1

A core collection of bass sounds for rock and metal styles. To use the GX-100 with bass guitar, set the input setting type to BASS in the In/Out Settings menu.

Live Set

1Crunchy PickCrunch tone that works well with picking styles. X-Comp Bass on [CTL 1].
2Solid RockerVersatile rock bass with a touch of grit.
3Fuzz BassAggressive Fuzz bass with optional filter effect.
4Violin BassRetro 60's style bass. Good with palm muted picking style.
5Dual Kings BassRock bass with driven high freq band.
6Orions BassDistorted early metal bass.
7Synth Swell BassAmbient pitch shifted bass with optional filter effect.

To use this liveset, please install the BOSS TONE STUDIO application dedicated to your product. Please check the supported product list and download the matching BOSS TONE STUDIO for your product.


Amp/effects processor for guitar and bass with premium BOSS tone technologies, streamlined modern design, and color touch display for easy sound creation.