Rock Bass by Felipe Andreoli

In this collection of patches, Felipe created sounds that he would use on a day to day basis with his bands, including some song-specific tones, as well as some experimental sounds.
Note:Make sure you stomp on the CTL & Expression pedal for each patch as they offer wide variations to the sounds.

Felipe Andreoli was born in São Paulo, Brazil, on March 7th, 1980. Bassist since the age of 13, he plays in the bands Angra, 4Action, and Kiko Loureiro, among others, besides working as a producer. With his extensive musical background and versatility, he has recorded numerous albums and toured over 30 countries around the world. Felipe has been considered the best rock bass player in Brazil for 15 years in a row in virtually all specialized publications, and also shows up among the best bass players in the world according to the Japanese magazine Burrn!, where a seventh place in 2007 left behind icons like Billy Sheehan, Geddy Lee and John Myung.

Live Set

1Tight & BrightClean, bright, punchy EQ and a decent amount of limiting makes this tone perfect for slapping. CTL adds Preamp solo boost and PEDAL FX adds BASS WAH effect
2Storm of EmotionChorus and delay set the mood for the Angra song of the same name. Perfect for ambient chords. CTL adds Reverb and PEDAL FX add BASS WAH effect
3Not That MeanLight drive emulating a vintage tube amp. Drive increases as you dig in. CTL adds EQ low end boost and PEDAL FX adds BASS WAH effect.
4Reso OctaveStrong resonance with octaves, reminiscent of modern funk. CTL adds FUZZ effect and PEDAL FX carries RESO WAH effect.
5Driven TwahAuto wah with a light drive, like an envelope filter on a vintage amp. CTL removes PREAMP emulation and PEDAL FX adds classic WAH tone.
6Round & LoosePlenty of bottom and darker highs, making the notes stand out with little attack. CTL adds reverb and PEDAL FX adds BASS WAH effect.
7Air BenderDrastic tones with the PEDAL BEND effect assigned to expression pedal. Suitable for creative solos with lots of movement. CTL adds an extra octave up to this insane tone.
8Bass + GuitarFire your guitar player and have all the fun to yourself with this one. Perfect for unison licks. CTL adds PHASER effect and PEDAL FX adds classic WAH tone.
9Slow AmbienceAtmospheric and ethereal sound with slow attack, makes you want to play for hours on end. CTL adds delay.
10Nasty SynthAggressive synth sound for mean grooves with lots of dirt. CTL adds drive and PEDAL FX adds BASS WAH effect.
*These patches reproduce each sound as described adove, but not perfectly reproduce the originals.

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