Progressive Soul Collection by Dominic Cabusi

This collection contains the exact patches used by Dominic whilst shooting the GT-1B product launch video for BOSS. Whilst the goal was to show the range of possible effects from the GT-1B, ranging from dry amp sims to some freaked out "noise" patches, Dominic carefully curated these patches to work within his original composition (used in the video) and to be practical in a live band setting.

Dominic Cabusi is a session musician, writer and producer based in Sydney, Australia. Over the last 14 years Dominic has worked on a diverse range of projects for Sony Music Australia, Warner Music Australia, Artery Global and the Harbour Agency. Currently rehearsing and recording with progressive soul outfit Levingstone ( ), due to release their second EP in 2017.

Live Set

1DRY FLIPThough not used in the final video audio, the DRY FLIP patch uses the GT-1B's "FLIP TOP" preamp to produce a round, old-school tone that provides a nice counterpoint to the "GK BASS" preamp used in most of the tune.
2DRY GKTo show the pure sound quality of the GT-1B, this patch uses the "GK BASS" preamp and some light compression to deliver a studio style bass tone with depth, punch and focus.
3OCTAVE FUZZOctave Fuzz combines tight sub-bass punch with a slightly "fuzzy" overdrive designed to punctuate bass phrases with authority.
4BASS WAH LOOPThis patch uses the "T.WAH" effect to create a filter sound that activates depending on how hard you pick the bass strings. In the GT-1B Product Launch video, Dominic uses the GT-1B's phrase looper to loop a backing riff and then solo over the top.
5GK HARMONYA solo patch that adds a harmony a Major 3rd above the fundamental tone along with a smattering of reverb.
6SLAPPIN DA BASSUsing heavy compression and the "SESSION" preamp, this patch is designed for a deep, glassy slap bass tone.
7RING MODThe combination of an octave effect with Ring Modulation makes for an interesting sound effect. The Expression pedal is assigned to adjust the FREQUENCY parameter of the Ring Mod in real time.
8SPACE CHORDSThis ethereal sounding patch was designed for upper-fret chordal work. It combines BOSS' proprietary OVERTONE effect with CHORUS, DELAY amd REVERB to create it's dreamlike tone.
9SPACE PHASEKeeping the lengthy reverb of the previous patch, this patch features a PHASER as the main effect, with the RATE parameter controlled using the expression pedal.
10FILTHY OUTROA bold sounding patch that combines some heavy OVERDRIVE with OCTAVE and T.WAH to create a dynamic sound reminiscent of a Bass Synth.
*These patches reproduce each sound as described above, but not perfectly reproduce the originals.

To use this liveset, please install the BOSS TONE STUDIO application dedicated to your product. Please check the supported product list and download the matching BOSS TONE STUDIO for your product.


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