Modern Versatility by Jack Gardiner

These are a collection of 10 modern, usable tones that he uses on a variety of gigs. From 80's British Pop to Old School Blues, all the way to Modern Neo Soul.

Jack Gardiner (born August 26, 1993) --- is a rising professional musician/guitarist based in Liverpool, U.K. and Switzerland. Jack first started playing and teaching professionally at the age of 15, playing with popular Rap and RnB artists (KOF/Janice Myers) in large capacity venues and live on BBC Radio One Live Lounge at Maida Vale Studios. In 2017, Stu Hamm (Steve Vai) approached Jack to play guitar for his Greatest Hits Tour EU alongside Craig Blundell (Steven Wilson). During the same year, 80’s Pop/Rock Band, China Crisis approached Jack to take up guitar duties as a permanent member of the group. Now at 26, Jack has continued to hone his formidable technique and sophisticated style and maintains a busy schedule touring extensively across U.K. and Europe. Currently, he is collaborating with a number of gear companies and is actively teaching many pupils from across the globe and via his website’s lesson packages.

Live Set

1F-TYPE CLEANA simple, straightdforward clean aimed at being the base point for most gigs.
2BREAK UP BLUESAimed at replicating a cranked clean to give an authentic blues tone. Turn on CTL 2 for some crazy sounds!
380s CC CHORUSI use this patch when playing with China Crisis. It's great for an 80's style clean chorus - think power ballads!
4ROTARY BLUESEmulating a rotary sound. Almost feels like an organ! Great for chordal playing and lead sounds alike. Experiment with CTL 1(OVERTONE) + 2(CHORUS).
5FRED LEADA Modern Lead tone based on a modded British Amp. A great lead tone for modern prog/metal!
6ACOUSTIC + SHIMAn acoustic sim designed to work well for gigs accompanying a singer. Turn on CTL 1 for a lovely shimmer reverb.
7LOFI CLEANTrying to emulate broken tape machines and old vinyl's, this clean has a gorgeous pitch mod. Now you can create Lofi HipHop to study/sleep to too!
8NEO SOUL WAHThis one features a touch-wah on CTL1 that is so synonymous with the style. Turn it off for a versatile clean. Can also be used to play over the top funk!
9OCTAVE FUNKNo need for a Bass player anymore with this patch! Ideally use It for Funk stuff, but have fun - experiment.
10LOW GAIN LEADThis is my go-to lead sound. As a player that doesn't like to use a lot of gain, I find this one cuts through perfectly but also feels comfortable enough to play!

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