Kazuki Isogai Neo Soul Collection

Introducing the Neo Soul Sound Collection. Created by the renowned Japanese guitarist Kazuki Isogai, this pack blends beautiful cleans and crisp crunch tones, providing top-class sounds that are ideal for both solo and band performances.The modern style of Neo Soul music blends smooth soul and contemporary R&B influences, so expect juicy lead tones that cut through the mix and plenty of sweet ambient cleans. Everything you need to get that perfect Neo Soul vibe.

Kazuki Isogai is a popular Neo Soul Guitarist from Tokyo, Japan. His guitar skills have earned the artist a large following on popular Social Media channels like YouTube and Instagram and his unique chord progressions and lead phrasings have attracted the attention of guitarists all over the world. Following a breath-taking performance at NAMM 2019, he has risen in popularity as a solo artist as well as a studio/touring musician, playing shows across the globe!

Live Set

1NEO SOUL CLEANClean tone for Neo Soul guitar sounds, suited to finger-picked solo style playing. Beautiful, wide and deep REVERB is assigned to CUL NUMBER. Also CTL1 activates a PHASER and CTL2 turns on a TREMOLO.
2NEO SOUL DRIVECrisp crunch sound. By adjusting the volume control or changing the pickup position, you can achieve various different expressions. CTL1 controls the gain of X-OD and CTL2 switches from X-OD to '60s FUZZ.
3NEO SOUL HIGAINModern lead sound. CTL1 switches X-OD and X-DIST for a range of high-gain sounds.
4NEO SOUL Lo-FiNeo Soul Lo-Fi. A combination of VIBRATO and EQ effects give a retro vinyl feeling. Try adding a CTL2 TOUCH WAH for even more unique sounds.
5NEO SOUL LIVENeo Soul Sounds created specifically for use in a band environment. CUR NUM instantly switches between clean and drive sound.

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