Jay Leonard J Collection

This a collection of patches designed to reflect Jay's eclectic musical style and technique: ranging from '80s funk, Italian Westerns, quirky rhythm/lead tones, and nostalgic soundscapes.

An award-winning performer, songwriter, producer, and YouTube personality, Jay Leonard J has performed around the world, recorded for Netflix and the Paramount Network, and has been a brand ambassador for some of the world’s top music brands. Career highlights include a BA from the Berklee College of Music, performances spanning the MGM Grand Arena to Hong Kong Coliseum; Leo awards, GMA awards, and Juno nominations for his contributions to film composition and artist projects; and participation in both online and offline based influential music and gear events.

Live Set

1GLAM FUNKA rhythmic funk sound based on the "direct-to-console" funk tones of the 70s and 80s. CTL1 adds CHORUS for extra texture.
2LO PUNCHBlends a full-range low octave with a biting guitar tone. Great as a bass substitute for use in loopers or creating very punchy melody lines.
3SEPIA-TONEA nostalgic and atmospheric version of a classic 60s combo amp tone. Hold CTL1 to trigger a SOUND HOLD to play over.
4ITALIAN COWBOYEvoking the sound of an old Italian Western, this gritty surf-style tone really excites those lower wound strings.
5BEE STINGSAn incredibly cutting lead tone that mixes the upper end of an octave fuzz with the tighter lower end of a distortion. Works best on the neck pickup. Pressing CTL1 adds a TOUCH WAH that is great for staccato lead lines.
6DIZZY IVORYThe Rotary speaker tone that will make your organ player jealous. CTL1 switches the rotary speed.
7SPA DAYCreate swelling soundscapes with a touch of upper octave and reverse delay. Hold CTL2 for sustained feedback. CTL1 is BPM tap tempo for the delay sounds.
8DOT RIDDEMALL-IN-1 dotted 8th note patch. For overdriven power chords with less delay impact, press CTL1. For open chord atmospherics, press CTL2. The current patch number also serves as the BPM tap tempo.
9POW'R CHORD'RBig distorted power chord sound for those long sustained hero moments. CTL1 add a jet-swooshy FLANGER and holding CTL2 adds a momentary SLICER. The current patch number serves as the BPM tap tempo for the SLICER.
10OL' DEPENDABLEMy personal go-to patch when practicing, learning, or working something out. Slightly edge-y tone with extra gain on CTL1 and some soloistic delay on CTL2.

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