GT-1000 Extra Collection 3

Versatile distortion sounds from high-gain to amp drive for rock.

Live Set

1WIDE DRIVEWild rock sound with two Brit Stack amps in stereo.
2LEAD DS OCT/DLYSSpatial high-gain lead with five delays. CTL1 - clean arpeggios.
3V-ROCK ODOverdrive sound with slight modulation and delay for 90's Japanese "Visual Rock". CTL1 adds more drive and delay for lead.
4A-DIST + CRUNCHCombination of MDP distortion and amp: A-Dist and X-Crunch for extra clarity and expressiveness. Works well for both rhythm and lead.
57STRINGS DS EQHeavy , modern pedal-like distortion for down tuning/7-string guitar. CTL1 changes the channel to clean arpeggio sound.
6ADAPTIVE X-DISTStereo lead sound with A-Dist ch and X-Dist ch delivering the significant clarity of MDP technology. CTL1 adds Tera Echo.
7GOTHIC ARPSynth-like sound with weak attack and brilliant and thick reverbration for arpegio phrase. CTL1 changes the sound to a gorgeous synth lead with a high-gain amp.
8PEDAL BEND LEADRich harmonic drive with a pedal controlled octave up with ping pong delay.
9VOLCANIC PHASEClassic Phaser Rock tone on the left side. Delay on the right. CTL 1 – Phaser on/off CTL 2 – tap tempo EXP – Delay level
10FLANGING PANStereo panoramic distortion sound with Flanger.
*This live set was created with GT-1000.
*These patches reproduce each sound as described above, but not perfectly reproduce the originals.

To use this liveset, please install the BOSS TONE STUDIO application dedicated to your product. Please check the supported product list and download the matching BOSS TONE STUDIO for your product.


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