Andy James Collection

A collection of patches by Andy James. Everything you need for supreme tight high gain modern metal tones.

Andy James --- is one of the most sort after UK based session guitarist and clinician that has released several solo albums including "Machine" in 2007, " In the Wake of Chaos" in 2009, "Andy James" in 2011, "Exodus" in 2017, and most recently "Arrival" in 2018. Andy’s sense of melodic phrasing and song craft is never compromised by his blistering speed which has gained him praise from all over the World. As well as his Solo Artist career Andy has been a member of Sacred Mother Tongue, Butcher Babies, 5 Finger Death Punch and has been involved in numerous hard rock, metal and technique instructional projects.

Live Set

1AJ CLEANClassic, iconic glassy warm JC-120 clean tone using chorus (CTL1) and ping pong delay (CTL2) to maximise width of sound.
2AJ RHYTHMDynamic crunch tone utilising a modern, high gain stereo rig driven with a T-Scream stompbox with a mono delay (CTL2) to add some width.
3AJ LEADSupreme, modern high gain lead tone using a mid boost (CTL1), parametric eq tone shaping, delay as well as an extra 10ms of delay shaping. (CTL2)
4AJ RHY STUDIOSame as AJ RHYTHM but with bass end rolled off on amplifier to tighten up overall tone.
5AJ FILTERModern clean/dirty (CTL1) dual amp rig utilising a 4 or 8 stage phaser pre and post amps with a muff fuzz stompbox driving the crunch channel at the input stage and parametric eq, stereo chorus and tap tempo (CTL2) for dotted note delay at the power amp stage.

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