GP-10 Extra Collection 1

A selection of atmospheric and alternative textures. These sounds are designed to inspire you and add additional layers to your playing directly from your guitar, controlled naturally by your performance in real time.

Live Set

1CanyonAn eerie delayed sitar tuned down an octave blended with a clean guitar sound sharing a modulated reverb. Use CTL1 to return the sitar to regular tuning and CTL2: to toggle your normal guitar pickup sound on or off.
2FibonacciClean guitar with a modelled resonator tuned up a 5th through a fully wet delay giving a rhythmic or tribal feel to your picking. The delay of the regular guitar sound and modelled resonator are synchronised. Try with palm muted picking. CTL1: Controls delay and CTL2: Switches off modelling EXP: Modelling volume
3Snow BlindAn atmospheric sound with a deep bed of delay controlled by the EXP pedal. Normal pickup sound provides the delay with a sitar sound more prominent for picking. CTL1: Adds more bite to the sitar by adding 12-String sound and CTL2: Removes some of the delay
4Slow Dive?A dark atmospheric pad from a GR-300 Synth model sits under a clean guitar with lots of reverb. Use the EXP pedal to control the pad volume
5Less is MoreDistant clean guitar with a huge reverb sound, pick delicately for subtle ambient guitar melodies and use dynamics to trigger the synth sound from mellow to a more cutting attack. CTL1: Tap tempo for synth variation CTL2: Holds the synth note EXP sw: Alters the guitar EQ
6Cut! Res!An aggressive classic synth sound via the GR-300 synth mode. The EXP pedal controls the Cutoff and Resonance by varying amounts to provides a sweeping effects. CTL1: Adds more drive from the AMP CTL2: Adds a delay with a long feedback
7NO2A heavily effected pad sound with a panning tremolo sound via the WAVE SYNTH. Use picking dynamics to alter the pad texture. CTL1: Adds a lightly overdriven guitar from your normal pickups. CTL2: Toggles the pad panning effect EXP: Synth volume, great for swell effects
8Lost SoulsHaunting atmospheric sound with a pad via the regular guitar pickups whilst the modelling provides a clean electric guitar sound. CTL1: Toggles the disturbing pitch shifted pad sound which adds the haunting choir, toggle this effect during playing.
*This live set was created with GP-10.
*These patches reproduce each sound as described above, but not perfectly reproduce the originals.

To use this liveset, please install the BOSS TONE STUDIO application dedicated to your product. Please check the supported product list and download the matching BOSS TONE STUDIO for your product.


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