Andrew Grooves

A Live set made by Andrew Groves from Arcane Roots. A series of creative patches designed for a single guitarist to expand what is possible from a guitar.

Andrew Groves -- Guitarst of Arcane Roots are a three-piece alternative rock band from Kingston Upon Thames, England. Founded by guitarist & vocalist Andrew Groves and drummer Daryl Atkins, the band are known for their energetic and passionate live shows and incorporating progressive music, math rock and Indie Rock into a popular song format. Their debut mini-album "Left Fire" was released in February 2011 and received strong reviews from both the press and their peers alike. The band completed their first UK Headline tour in June 2011 and ended the summer with slots at Sonisphere and Hevy Music Festival. Arcane Roots completed work on their first full length debut album "Blood & Chemistry" in January 2013. See the . Twitter: @ArcaneRoots

Live Set

1OctychOctave down modelled strat blended with normal pickup through ORNG Rock Reverb amp model inspired by the song Triptych from Blood & Chemistry. Mid Boost on CTL1.
2Arcane MuteGR-300 synth in VCO mode blended with the normal pickup through ORNG Rock Reverb for a massive but controlled synth fuzz tone.
3ResultWAVE SYNTH producing a saw wave on only the 5th and 6th strings to provide a synth bass accompaniment to a looping delay through a CLEAN TWIN.
4Slow Synth2 ocsillators from the OSC SYNTH with -12 and a -24 sub bass from only the 6th string blended with ORNG Rock Reverb.
5Drop Stop And RollSeveral drop tunings selectable by position on the EXP1 panel with modelled Electric Guitar only. Mid Boost on CTL1.
6Over And OrganDual oscillator from OSC Synth producing various harmonics under a clean guitar.
7EnergiseCrystal PolyFx on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd strings with a 16th note delay emulating tremelo style guitar under chords.
8You'reDistortion PolyFX driving long delay over CLEAN TWIN normal pickup guitar sound - Similar result do the sound of a DA-2.
9Sacred ShadeModelled Jazz Bass blended with normal pickup tone to produce OC-3 Poly mode type effect.
10Hell And Hi FilterOSC Synth with DUAL oscillators producing slow attack harmonics under ORNG Rcok Reverb normal guitar sound, EXP1 controls delay feedback.
*This live set was created with GP-10.
*These patches reproduce each sound as described above, but not perfectly reproduce the originals.

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