Rock Classics 3

A patch collection of classic rock standards.

Live Set

1PhotographDrive sound with 80's-like CHORUS. CTL changes the sound to boosted lead tone by OVERDRIVE with DELAY.
2Madhouse80's metal lead with not too much distordion. Turnin off CTL1 makes CHORUS and DRIVE sound.
3Cum On Feel The 80's sound using HiGAIN STACK preamp.
4Kickstart My HTBold drive sound for LA metal power chords. Full step down tuning makes it more powerful like the audio track.
5Pretty FlyStraight-ahead melodic hardcore sound of late 90's reproduced with POWER DRV.
6Song 2 Characteristic contrast of clean and distortion in the representative 90's Brit pop reproduced with clean amp and drive effect.
720th Century BoyImpactful 70's gram rock sound reproduced with FUZZ and MS1959.
8Are You Gonna GoFat and burly drive sound obviously different from 80's arena rock sound. CTL1 adds FLANGER.
9American Idiot Punchy drive sound. CTL1 adds some boost and EQ for the lead sound.
10Can't Stop Funky and crunchy rhythm sound for bridge pick up of stratocaster. CTL1 adds FUZZ and DELAY.
*These patches reproduce each sound as described above, but not perfectly reproduce the originals.

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