Rock Classics 2

A patch collection of classic rock standards.

Live Set

1My Iron LungThe sound of arpeggio phrase with octave higher tone with OVERTONE. CTL1=OFF makes clean sound for backing phrase.
2Freeway JamCombination of FUZZ and MS1959 like Jeff Beck in 70's. VIBRATO assigned to CTL1 with momentary function reproduces the tremolo arm phrase.
3Message In A BTLAndy Summers' signature sound using COMPRESSOR, CHORUS, and DELAY.
4MoneyCombination of COMPRESSOR and RAT is used to reproduce the fat FUZZ sound. CTL1 switches the sound to clean TREMOLO tone.
5Take It Or LeaveClean-crunch sound by DXCRUNCH for chord phrase with single coil pickup. CTL1 makes it the lead tone good with neck pickup.
6Even FlowCharacteristic sound for the early 90's grunge power chords. CTL1 switches the sound to the lead sound with DELAY. Expression pedal adds WAH.
7Walk Don't Run60's surf guitar sound. PLATE REVERB is used, but of course SPRING works as well. CTL1 is for chord phrase, EXP adds PEDAL BEND by semitone.
8GravityClean-crunch sound for lead play with stratocaster with COMPRESSOR. CTL1 adds TREMOLO as in the audio track.
9Only ShallowCHORUS and ambience effect used to reproduce the FUZZ "wall" in the intro. CTL1 is for crunch sound for chord with automatic bend for slight pitch modulation..
10VicariousContemporary high gain sound with BOGNR UB for the preamp. CTL1 changes the preamp to CB CRUNCH for the arpeggio phrase in the intro.
*These patches reproduce each sound as described above, but not perfectly reproduce the originals.

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