Rock Classics 1

A patch collection of classic rock standards.

Live Set

1Brown SugarCrunch sound in open G tuning with DELAY. CTL1 turns the DELAY off to get drier sound.
2LaylaOne of the most famous song in Eric Clapton's career. COMPRESSOR is used as booster as a hidden flavour.
3Purple RainClean sound of the intro phrase with slight pitch modulation. CTL1 switches to the lead sound with heavy distortion.
47 Nation ArmyPEDAL BEND is used to reproduce the guitar riff with an octave lower sound. Expression pedal works to change the pitch at will continuously.
5Where the StreetsOne of the most representative example of dotted eighth delay phrase. CTL1 allows to tap tempo to adjust to the song.
6Keep Yourself AThe guitar orchestration sound used in the interlude in the key of F. CTL1 adds PHASER to change the sound for the intro riff.
7Master of PuppetTypical 80's slash metal sound and contrasting JC-Clean sound. CTL1 changes the amp type.
8Marquee MoonRhythmic sound by Tom Verlaine in between clean and crunch. CTL1 changes the sound to the lead tone in the R channel.
9HolidaysInTheSunStraight-ahead London punk distortion. CLEAN BOOST can be turned off by CTL1.
10DebaserCrunch sound good for simple triad chords with single coil pickup. CTL1 changes it to the lead tone that also works with humbucker.
*These patches reproduce each sound as described above, but not perfectly reproduce the originals.

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