J-Pop Collection 2

A patch collection of Japanese pop songs.

Live Set

1KILLING MEPatch for down tuned riff. PREAMP SOLO is assigned to CTL1 so that the variation of distortion is selectable according to your guitar output power.
2SolanineClean sound with beautiful modulation delay. Depressing expression pedal adds TREMOLO. Also CTL1 adds distortion for lead phrase. Three sound variations are in this patch.
3SurvivorPatch for the main riff. CTL1 adds more volume and response to the distortion for tapping phrase.
4WataridoriSimple and bold sound for the intro and guitar solo. CTL1 changes it to rhythm tone.
5Get Off of My WyCrunch sound for the beginning of the intro and verse. CTL1 adds heavy distortion for the latter half of the intro.
6Yeah!Yeah!Yeah!Lo-fi sound for the intro using PHASER and EQ. CTL1 changes it to simple crunch sound.
7Mayonaka YuenchiRhythm guitar tone for the verse using TAPE ECHO with one beat delay time. CTL1 changes it to simple rhythm tone.
8Black Market BlsSimple tone for the rhythmic phrases. CTL1 adds an octave lower sound for the intro. Pedaling expression pedal once changes it to lead guitar sound with VIBRATO.
9Hakanakumo TowaPatch for harmonized phrase in the intro using HARMONIST. CTL1 changes it to drive sound for rhythm phrase. EXP pedal adds WAH.
10SpiritInformationRugged sound for the main riff. Expression pedal adds PHASER. CTL1 changes it to lead sound with long DELAY.
*These patches reproduce each sound as described adove, but not perfectly reproduce the originals.

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