J-Pop Collection 1

A patch collection of Japanese pop songs.

Live Set

1Sugar SongSlightly boosted crunch amp sound for the intro phrase. CTL1 changes it to the rhythm guitar sound heard in the song.
2SilhouetteReproduces the solid and thick octave riff in the intro with just a guitar. CTL1 changes it to the sustainable sound with DELAY heard after the break,
3KARATEHigh-gain sound that doesn't become fuzzy even with 7-string guitar or down tuning. CTL1 stiches it to the clean sound hear in the latter half of the track.
4MONSTER DANCESimple drive sound for the former half of the intro, and thick sound with pitch and ambience effects for the latter half. Neck pickup works well with this patch.
5Shunkan SentimenHeavy lead sound with layerd octave and detune tones. CTL1 switches it to the simple sound for backing.
6Tentai KansokuMany guitars are overdubbed in the original studio recording, but this patch reproduces the sound of the gig recording version . CTL1 switches it to the crunch sound for chord play.
7Kimi Hitsuji AoPatch for the intro riff with open string. CTL1 turns off the OVERDRIVE for chord play.
8Kanzen Kankaku DBold high-gain sound for the octave play in the intro. CTL1 turns off the DELAY and CHORUS for backing.
9Takane no HanakoDotted eighth delay for the intro to make eighth note phrase sounds like 16th note phrase. CTL1 switches it to the tremolo sound heard in the verse.
10BokuNi KanojoGaAggressive rhythmic guitar sound with pickup set to mix position. CTL1 is for lead tone with FUZZ.
*These patches reproduce each sound as described above, but not perfectly reproduce the originals.

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