GT-1000 Extra Bass Collection 1

A wide variety of ready-to-go rock/metal patch collection for bass, compatible with GT-1000 Version 3.

Live Set

1NATURAL BASSVersatile clean bass sound by NATURAL BASS preamp for any genre.
2BEASTY BASSTrashy distorted bass tone. X-DRIVE preamp provides great sense of separation and driven with BASS MT. Enable to turn on/off BASS MT on CTL1.
3MUTED PICK BASSRetro rock concert tone by CONCERT preamp suited for muted pick bass. Enable turn on/off X-BASS COMP on CTL1 and REVERB on CTL2.
490'S BASS CHORUSChorus bass sound reminiscent of 90's grunge tone. You can change into aggressive fuzz sound by stomping CTL1 DIVIDER.
5FINGER BASSClean bass tone suited to finger style playing. Natural and comfortable sound by using X-BASS COMP. CTL1 adds STEREO CHORUS for more depth.
6RETRO BASS DSCrunchy retro progressive rock tone with BASS DS. You can add TREMORO by CTL2.
7ROCK BASSMid scooped rock bass tone. More dirty sound comes with BASS OD assigned on CTL1. Also enable to add VIBRATO on CTL2.
8HEAVY BASSHeavy distorted bass tone with sub octave and BASS DI distortion.
9DIRECT DESK BASSStraight DI’ed bass patch with NATURAL Preamp. Enable to add DELAY on CTL1 and REVERB on CTL2.
10SUB LEVEL 1 BASSSuper low sub bass sound using the OVERTONE and EQ then cut direct level.

To use this liveset, please install the BOSS TONE STUDIO application dedicated to your product. Please check the supported product list and download the matching BOSS TONE STUDIO for your product.


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